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Charles G
      American Multi-Cinema or AMC is a American owned movie theatre home based in 
Leawood, Kansas, and has been around over 100 years.   Beijing based Daltian Wanda Group
giving them the majority stakeholder, giving them the ability to make decisions from the top.  
Daltian Wanda Group paid 2.8 billion for the acquisition, and gave them high stake authority 
over profits and losses.  In 2018, Silver Lake Partners out of Menlo, California made a $600 
million dollar investment.  When asked if AMC would ever get COVID-19 relief, it was stated, 
that Daltian Wanda Group would have to  bail out the company, if the Chinese subsidiary agreed 
that was the right thing to do. Otherwise, AMC will continue it’s struggle over the pandemic. (Busick, 2019)
     General Motors is a American car company based out of Detroit, Michigan, one of the older 
companies in America, (Ford is the oldest). While the company isn’t owned by the Chinese, it 
does rely on it’s partnership with Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. to stay profitable.  
Shanghai and GM formed SAIC-GM in 1998, a Chinese brand with a six million square foot 
facility in Shanghai.  While GM is still tops for a American made car and truck company, it’s 
sales in China help to bring in revenue on a regular basis. (Busick, 2019)
Vianna J
Part 1
Smithfield Foods is one of the companies that was American-owned and later became foreign- owned. The top food processing company and pork producer was founded in 1936 by Smithfield. In 2013, it was acquired by Shanghai International Holdings. The acquisition is estimated at 4.72 billion U.S. dollars and is said to be the largest acquisition of a US company by a Chinese company. Smithfield was very popular with pork and hog products and had established a name for itself in the U.S market. The implication is that the Chinese firm that acquired it was going to benefit immensely from the well-known brand which had a good reputation. Currently, the organization has approximately 50,000 employees and is led by Dennis Organ (Frohlich and Sauter, 2013).
Frigidaire is also an example of an organization whose ownership has shifted from American ownership to Swedish ownership. The company was founded in 1916 and is one of the largest companies in the home appliance industry. The company is a well-known distributor of refrigerator units. It was at first referred to as Guardian Frigerator Co., but after being acquired by General Motors in 1918, its name was changed to Frigidaire. General Motors ran the company until 1979 when it was acquired by White Consolidated Industries. The White Consolidated Industries. This means that the ownership of the company is once again an American, because White Consolidated Industries is an American organization. In 1986, Frigidaire was once again purchased by AB Electrolux, which is the current parent organization. AB Electrolux is a Swedish company. The manufacture of refrigerator units is an important milestone in the field of food preservation, because before that, people were accustomed to relying on refrigerators. The company’s fiercest competitors in the manufacturing of refrigerator units include General Electric as well as Kelvinator. The home appliance industry has made significant progress, and participants in this field are constantly proposing new concepts that will continue to change the way food is preserved (Frohlich and Sauter, 2013).
Micah S
Hi All,
My process for research is simple to keep the focus on content.  First, I sat and read the rubric and what makes the final project reflect a deep understanding of the concepts and how they are applied.  I have been using steps I learned years ago to help me focus on my goal.  One of Covey’s seven habits thhelps an individual be more effective in life, is to begin with the end in mind (Covey, 2004).  With this step, an individual pictures what the end result of a goal would look like and that helps to form the objectives to reach that goal.  For me, my end goal is success in collaboratively completing a project that would include the elements required and convey a thorough understanding of showcasing our company and applying concepts learned in the course.  The implication is in applying the concepts, understanding and forming a deeper meaning of the concepts will happen so I can apply the concepts in other situations with success.
Then, I brainstormed ways I would gather information.  Being this is a fictitious company, my focus was looking at top companies in the industry.  This is because I needed to find a way to evaluate and measure the components  that must be included in the final project.  One thing I noted is that commonalities that seem basic in each company and that helped me form a framework for elements such as the mission statement and looking at the average annual revenue of global companies.  It also gave me a good view of what sets the companies apart or the competitive advantage.  Next, I formed a T-chart of this information and a graphic organizer so that I had a visual to connect concepts and identify relevant information.  Finally, in my planning, I looked to current, reliable and valid resources that  could help support my contentions.  This includes sources such as company annual reports, 10K report, scholarly sources that discuss operational processes and other value information that support my thesis.  
A preliminary outline would be the following:
Title page
Executive Summary
Business Plan
Mission Statement
Operating Principles
Market Analysis
Strategic Objectives
(Additional content-currently being determined as group)
Tracy R
Hello Class and Dr. Henderson,
Describe the process that you plan to use to conduct research, identify findings, and develop the Comprehensive Project that is due in Unit 5.
The process I plan to use for this project is to use the university library, internet, learning materials, and our text book for identifying findings and conducting research. I will set aside time to do research at least 5 times a week. I have also developed an ongoing chart for listing things from the discussion board I feel are relevant or just great ideas for the project. For example, Micah had a great strategic plan for starting his project.  It was very informative and will be helpful. To develop this project, I feel there is more than just assigning parts of the overall assignment. I feel like brainstorming together would be helpful to begin the project.  It is our company; we have the power to make it whatever we want but we must all be on the same page. Collaboration and communication are the keys to success. 
The Business Plan Outline
Title page
Executive Summary
Company description                          
Business structure                              
Market analysis
Product or service
Marketing and sales structure
Financial projections
1,5, and 10-year plan  
Additional Information