Addictions: drug, gambling, smoking, drinking, etc.

Introduction: Your introduction could begin with a general summary of the past beliefs and current research in neuroscience (i.e. neuroplasticity). It should identify the researchers and their theories, such as Carol Dweck and Howard Gardner. Depending on your focus, it should include a summary of the differences between growth and fixed mindsets OR the differences between multiple intelligences. Present your thesis which your focus in your essay. What did you investigate?
Body: Your own research should include the use of 2 sources from Unit II and 1 source that you find through the library databases. Make sure you include quotations (with quotation sandwiches) and in-text citations. One way to organize your essay is to identify a problem and then possible solutions. Another is to use chronological or time order, as if telling a story or using history. Another way is to focus on a general idea and then present specifics.
Conclusion: Some ideas for the conclusion include:
o Describe what the research taught you
o Describe what the future looks like
o Describe what’s missing from the research
o Don’t forget to include an MLA Works Cited list and cite your sources

Unit II: