Anesthesia coding | Nursing homework help

As a new medical coder for an Anesthesiologist group, it is important that you practice calculating service payments by assigning the appropriate anesthesia code(s) and modifier(s), as well as determining the base and time unit values, any modifying circumstances, and the conversion factor to arrive at your anesthesia service payment.

Apply your knowledge of Anesthesia coding.

Include the following aspects in the assignment:

Ø  Use the data in the tables below

Ø  Be creative and create two different scenarios

Ø  Time should be in 15 minute increments

Ø  Describe how to calculate anesthesia base and time units

Ø  Distinguish anesthesia service payments by using and describing the approved formula

Ø  Arrive at the correct reimbursement and coding responses for each scenario

Ø  Assign physical status and qualifying circumstance codes to your CPT anesthesia codes in each of the two scenarios.