Animation powerpoint | Social Science homework help

Art and personality seem to influence one another, whether it be the art that catches your eye, or the art that you choose to create. Some research in personality psychology posits that your personality type and traits will be factors in this influence. Consider the type of art that interest you (i.e. impressionist, modern, animation, street art (graffiti), photography, painting, sculpture, etc.). What theories might explain why these types of art catch your eye or inspire to you to be creative (i.e. The Big 5, Emotional Intelligence, Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences,  Trait Theory, Neurological/Biological/Genetic theories, Psychodynamic Theories, etc.). Create a PowerPoint presentation to address these ideas. Your presentation should be 10-12 slides in length (this does not include your title slide and reference slide. Be sure to include correctly formatted APA citations.
Your presentation should include the following: 

At least three (3) examples of the art you have designated to support your points.
Clear identification of the two (2) theories you have selected.
Discussion of why these theories explain how the art you selected appeals to you.
Discussion of why at least one (1) other theory would not explain your art preferences. 
Images to support your points. 
Highlight of any relevant cultural, gender, sexuality related, or ethnicity influenced factors. 
A minimum of two (2) educational/peer reviewed journal articles from the library. These should be journal articles from psychology journals related to course topics. You can find access to FREE ones via the FIU library.
Speaker notes to add details to your slides.