Answer the question below | English homework help

Reduce the three arguments below to standard form.
Note: this is an important skill; your answers must demonstrate that you have read the text and that you know what “standard form” means (i.e. you might not get a lot of points for “winging it”).
Please format your answers like this:
There might be more or fewer (than 2) premises. Premise language should be reduced to its conceptual essence. For instance, if I think “the teachers just read the course policies off their syllabi (riveting)” is a premise in number 1, below, I might reduce it to this: 
P1: the material is boring
The first day of school in the fall is the worst. The classrooms are crowded with students hoping to add (good luck), the teachers just read the course policies off their syllabi (riveting), and some people think it’s a fashion show (let’s see what you’re wearing the week before Thanksgiving).
She has a “Darwin fish” eating a “Jesus fish” on her tailgate; she has a “born OK the first time” bumper sticker; she coined the term “emprayerassment” to describe the feeling she gets when other people pray in her presence—she’ll likely decline your invitation to church.
I don’t think we should buy Jack his own car. For one thing, he doesn’t take care of his stuff. His iPhone screen is webbed with cracks. Anyway, we don’t have the money for a third car. We have a hard enough time making ends meet. Just last week I saw you use your Christmas bonus for groceries.