art 315 Issues in Contemporary Art

Throughout the semester, we looked at many issues that artists have addressed in their work over the last several decades. Some issues could be considered political, such as race, gender, sexuality, identity, etc., some personal and autobiographical, some formal, regarding art itself as a subject. Curators have attempted to make sense of artists’ work by organizing exhibitions of work that, together, help viewers think about issues and ideas important to the artists. In turn, these curators and their exhibitions also make statements relevant, possibly significant, to broader society and culture. For your final paper, you will be the curator. You will propose an exhibition of at least three artists, no more than five, and write an accompanying catalog essay. The essay will give viewers of the exhibition an overview of how the work all ties together–a thesis–and the ideas explored by the individual artists.

most of them are lecture video transcript, pick the core concepts and justify it in the essay