biology research report

Assessment Task: Research Paper Type of assessment: Problem _ solving genre (SPSE) Learning Objectives (as published in the ECP): 1: Express your opinions clearly by using words and sentence structures efficiently . 3: Make a convincing argument by structuring your ideas coherently and persuasively . Due date and submission: Monday at the beginning of Week 8 (13 September 2021) online through Turnitin via Learn.UQ by 1pm. You may submit multiple times before the deadline to check your similarity reports. How to submit online: Go to the course site on Learn.UQ and click on Assessment on the left _ hand menu. Go to the folder for the assessment item. Inside this folder you will find a Turnitin submission link for which you need to click View/Complete . Follow the prompts to upload your assignment. Make sure you have successfully uploaded your assignment by reviewing the View/ Complete button to see your submission again. Weighting: 40% (80 marks total) Length: 1,500 _ 1,800 words Reference List (not included in word count) Formatting requirements: 11pt Calibri font, 1.5 _ line spacing, normal margins. You should clearly state your chosen question at the top of your paper. You must also mark _ up your paper, as explained below (see next page) . Referencing style: Academy of Management Journal (AMJ) referencing style Task Description: This task prepares you with the required academic writing skills for learning in the UQ Business School, as well as for writing proposals in the workplace. Answer only one of the two questions below (i.e. , Business and Climate ith?

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