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Individual Assignment 
This Individual assignment aims to evaluate a student’s understanding of the concepts taught in Business Ownership and Financing. Students should demonstrate an ability to practically utilize these concepts and theories in a real business environment. 
All the students will work on a hypothetical company/firm and give it a unique name. The company/firm should be physically based out of Canada, though it can operate in and cater to clients/customers/consumers outside of Canada.
It could be a small, medium, or large Business o The Business should either create product/s or and provide services 
The company’s life cycle is also to be assumed by the student. For example, you may consider establishing a new business venture, expanding, or restructuring an existing business, etc. 
You will structure your assignment in 4 sections while answering the following questions, based on your understanding of the module Finance. 
Provide a complete description of your company/firm. Utilize the points shared above and top it up with more details that you feel are necessary to explain your Business nature and structure. 
You can talk about the products/services being provided/intended to be delivered, its Value Proposition, etc. 
How long have you been in business, or is it a fresh start? 
Organizational structure and competitive advantage of your company 
Overview of your business strategy, goals, and objectives o Etc. etc..…. 
1. Which form of Business Ownership Model does your company/firm follows or aims to follow? And why? 
2. Advantages and disadvantages of this Business Ownership Model? 
3. What could be the probable Threats and/or opportunities associated with this type of Business Ownership model under the COVID 19 scenario?
While answering, keep in mind the products and services being offered by your Business Complexity, size, and geographic expanse of your Business
1. List the Types of Costs associated with delivering your final product/service to the marketplace? 
2. Categorize them under the four categories discussed in the Total Cost-Base Analysis topic. 
3. Depending on your current Cost-Base Analysis, what is the Degree of Managerial Control you have over the current financial health of your organization (assume you are in the role of Chief Financial officer). Explain? 
Think of all the major activities/ departments/ processes etc. and then break them down into cost types 
Once you have the cost types, categorize them according to the classification discussed in the Cost-Base Analysis. 
1. Following the information provided in the sections above, which Source/s of Funds is your Business eligible for, and why?
2. Out of the Source/s of Funds your business is eligible to utilize, which primary source of funding and associated financial tools will you choose to cater to your Business’s current and future financial needs, and why? 
3. Assuming that the COVID 19 altered your potential to secure funding from this source. What alternative options would you explore (financial tools) to support your business? Explain? 
Remember that there are three significant Sources of Funds available, as discussed in your course text.
However, each business has specific requirements and ownership structure that determines the most appropriate source of funding 
Financial tools are the different options available under each Source of Funding. E.g., Under Equity Financing, there are tools like an IPO, APO, private equity, etc.
INSTRUCTIONS This is an INDIVIDUAL assignment; therefore, collaboration with another student will not be tolerated in any form.
● The assignment document should be within the range of 4 to 5 pages in total, including the title and reference page. 
● Page 1 would be your Title Page and have the student’s name, ID number, section, course code, course name, professor’s name, and submission date. 
● Page 2 would be the Table of Contents and an Executive Summary.
● The main body of the assignment will begin on page 3. 
● The last page is for Referencing noting all the sources used, including the course text. 
● There is no minimum or maximum word limit for this assignment. 
● The assignment submission should be made in the MS Word format only, to the Course Shell Assignment Folder titled Individual Assignment 
● Two Resubmissions are allowed ONLY within the due date/timeframe set for submission. Any resubmission made past this point would be penalized according to the Late Assignment Submission Policy ACADEMIC INTEGRITY 
● All the students will follow the Paper Format, Writing Details, Referencing, and In-text citations outlined in the [email protected] 
Referencing and Citation following [email protected]