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Intuit Risk Assessment – IT Group Tasks


Researchthe following items to assist in negotiating an appropriate risk assessment for the budget of Intuit, Inc.’s cloud-based applications project:

· Past and present incidents, in order to plan for threats that might come in the future

· Risk trends in the real world (new threats, new viruses, undiscovered flaws and vulnerabilities, etc.) 

· Appropriate tools to gather incident data and reporting tools to protect information assets, such as malware protection, antivirus software, network firewalls, two-factor authentication, etc.

· Requirements that must be done by an independent party, such as a penetration test or audit

· Training for users (need budget and cooperation from other departments)

Risk Assessment

Createa first draft of the risk assessment that you will present to the c-suite in your meeting.

Note: You may refer to the risk assessments you completed individually in the Wk 5 – Risk Assessment assignment. As a group, identify the top risks that the project team should focus on.

Risk Assessment Table

Completethe table below to brainstorm risks to Intuit Inc.’s cloud-based application project.

Risk Level   

· Low (L): minimal impact to finance and time to completion  

· Medium (M): medium impact to finance and time to completion  

· High (H): high impact that may jeopardize the success of the project  

Likelihood of Event  

· Certainty: 90–100% chance of happening   

· Likely: 70–89% chance of happening   

· Somewhat likely: 40–69% chance of happening   

· Unlikely: 0–39% chance of happening  

Risk                   Risk Level L/M/H               Likelihood of Event             Mitigation Strategy


Recommendations of Top 3 Risks for Mitigation

Writeyour recommendations of the top 3 risks to focus on, as well as the strategies to mitigate those risks.