Compare Contrast analyze

1. 3 Cultures will be discussed in class and documentaries provide and you will choose one of these, PLUS one culture you’d like to visit, PLUS one culture from the list below.  
2.  2. Include discussion of the five social institutions from your notes and textbook (for each of the three 
3. You must analyze and evaluate these cultural differences and similarities in terms of class and social stratification.  
3 full pages, must be 3 minimum academic sources, APA style and include reference page
You must use in-text citation or you will lose 20 points automatically. You must use EVERY source that you list on your reference page. As you write your paper, you need to cite your sources in your text so the reader knows which source you retrieved your information from. The 3 cultures that you compare are Aboriginals of Australia  “The Men of the Fifth World” documentary on YouTube( which you can find on (youtube) , one country you like to visit I said Egypt and the third one is Thiland.
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