Consult your Discussion Board Forum to see the topics which you will address in your thread and replies. Discussion Board Forums were designed for the following 3 reasons: (1) to provide a platform

Consult your Discussion BoardForumto see the topics which you will address in your thread and replies.DiscussionBoardForums were designed for the following3reasons:(1) to provide a platform for peer interaction,(2) to prompt research and reflectionon biblical texts,and(3) to encourage timely responses andinteraction.The specific guidelines are spelled out below.Let your instructorknow if you have any questions after readingthefollowinginstructions.OVERALLDISCUSSION BOARD GUIDELINESFirst of all, let the obvious be stated: the purpose of the Discussion Board is to provide each student with a forum in which tointeract on a scholarly levelwith other members of thecourse. It is a way of creating a virtual classroom experience.Note the following guidelines as you prepare and compose your forum threads and replies:1.Do some research in preparation for your thread (your response to theprovidedforum topic). You will need to studyanyBible passage(s) under considerationin order tobe reasonably sure of the verses or verses teaching (per above instructions). Youmustalso plan to utilize the pertinent information in the course texts.Refer to the “Course Policies” in the course syllabus for the formatting expectations in this course.2.As you compose your thread (your original response to theprovided forumtopic/prompt), aim fora good topicalparagraphfor each component of the promptfor aminimumof250words and a maximum of300 words.The original thread must be at least250words.You must demonstrate an excellent grasp of English grammar and critical thought. Your essay must be cohesive, coherent, and concise. 3.Reply to2classmembers threads. Your replies must be considerate and thoughtful. Be constructively critical when appropriate.That is to say, youmustnot simply try to tear down anothers viewpoint, butoffer constructive, encouraging criticism whenever there is disagreement. On the other hand,yourreply must be more than a simple Great post or I totally agree; etc. Your replies must also demonstrate excellent grammar and critical thought as well assignificantly contributeto the discussion. Each reply must contain75-100words.