Course Project – Collaboration for Effective Implementation of School-wide Support Systems

Part 1: District-wide Professional Development Presentation
Create a 12- to 15-slide multimedia presentation introducing an RtI or PBIS that you can implement in the future to an elementary or secondary school staff. Design your presentation to meet the needs of your current district or community. Include the following:

Overview of identified model
Identification of each tier including the process of moving between each tier
Three examples of interventions that could be implemented at each level
Use of checklists or illustrations to describe the process
Explanation of the role of special education within the model selected
Importance of collaboration in the RtI or PBIS process

Part II: Resource Guide for Teachers
Create a Resource Guide for Teachers (depending on your choice for Part I), with at least 10 resources that provide information regarding the RtI or PBIS process you chose, to be distributed during your presentation. Concisely explain how each resource may be used to support students with diverse learning needs.
Part III: Collaboration
Write a 4- to 5-page reflection addressing the following topics:

Explain the role of collaboration in the implementation of MTSS across levels (i.e., school, district, state). Discuss two strategies for effective collaboration and at least one additional strategy that discusses culturally responsive practices.
Describe at least two strategies to collaborate and involve parents/guardians with regards to MTSS. Analyze the impacts on student learning when parents/guardians are partners with educators, citing evidence from the course readings.
Analyze the role of leadership in guiding collaborative implementation of MTSS across tiers in a school. Provide two or three examples, with descriptions, to support your analysis.
Examine the relationship between conflict, collaboration, and consensus. Provide at least two strategies for collaborative problem solving when conflict arises.

Your final document for this Course Project must include the following:

Part I: 12- to 15-slide multimedia presentation
Part II: 2- to 3-page Resource Guide
Part III: 4- to 5-page paper
Reference page