DBA 701

This activity will be assessed as pass/fail (50 points) and is due by the end of Module One.
To complete the activity, use the EvaluSkills link you receive in an email from EvaluSkills Admin with login information.
Complete your profile.
Enter 5 evaluators. 

Evaluators should be a mix of people you have studied or worked with: professors, advisors, supervisors, colleagues, fellow students, etc.
For each evaluator, enter a name, email, and indicate their role (superior, subordinate, peer).

You are also entered as an evaluator and will receive an email to go in and rank yourself on the various skills.  This way, you can compare your self-perceptions against average ratings of others you interact with, uncovering any blind spots or areas in which you may underestimate your skills.
Post a note in the discussion when you have completed these tasks.