Diabetes and lifestyle changes

Assignment:Synthesis Assignment Description: (please make any and all corrections that are needed based on my comments from the last submission)Prepare the Literature Review section of your paper. Begin with an introductory paragraph that describes your search parameters and what databases were used.  (SEE ABOVE) Be sure to avoid first person (I, we, me, us, etc.). Include at least one paragraph for each of your sources chosen in your Annotated Bibliography. and additional if using This is not a repeat of the annotations in the annotated bibliography, but should be written as an essay that flows easily from one point to the next. Remember, your literature review should be at least seven paragraphs (eight for full credit on the final paper), but not more than twelve paragraphs. Each paragraph should be at least five to six sentences in length, but only contain one or two main points and support. Review your APA resources for how to properly cite references in your text. This is where you will apply in-text citation rules, as each paragraph will indicate the reference from which the information is taken.Also prepare your reference page. Please review your APA resources as mentioned previously. Submit the entire document. However, only the Literature Review and Reference page will be graded in this module.Assignment ExpectationsLength: 7-8 to 12 paragraphs for the Literature ReviewStructure: Submit with shell intact, complete the Literature Review and Reference section and review and make corrections to the past sectionsReferences: Minimum of a total of 6 (six) sources (at least 4 journal articles and 2 websites) formatted in APA style in the reference Be sure your entire shell with previous work is submitted and it has been corrected if needed. Section and citations in body of the text (6 journals and 3 websites for full credit on the final) Use Google scholar for references