Discussion board topics: how zinc batteries could change energy

Hello All!
Below is the link to the article for our discussion this week.  

Read the article critically.  As you are reading/rereading the article, think about the following questions:

Who is the publisher of this article?  Is this a reliable publication? Who is the author?  What is their/his/her purpose or goal in writing the article or study.
Is it a well written piece of writing?  Is it meant to persuade you or inform you?  Does it succeed?
If it is a study, who funded the study?  Is it biased by the funding? 
Who conducted the study?  Do they have reputable credentials?  
What did you think of the subject of the article?

Not all the questions will pertain to every article.  These are general questions/guidelines to help you learn to think and write critically about the articles or the studies you will read, not only in this class but throughout your academic career.