Dr. harold f. shipman, the jekyll of hyde, 1976-1998


For a final project that will be due in week 7, you are going to be selecting one case study to write about in depth, from the perspective of defending the offender. You will use different theories from victimization to discuss and explain their actions from a Victimologists or Criminologist’s point of view. Look through this chapter, as well as the book (use the index in the front to quickly scan the titles of different profiles and case studies), and select one that you would like to write about. Please give the title of it and why this case study intrigues you.

I have settle on Eric Hickey’s serial Murderers and their victims Profile 6.2 Dr. Harold F. Shipman, The Jekyll of Hyde, 1976-1998. This serial-murderer was about power and control. He wanted to control his victims but did not fit the typical serial-killer profile because he was considered a professional. My focus of this case study will be to explain his history, his relationship with his mother, his motivation, mental state, wanting for control and power over of his victims contributed to murders. The Objective of this case study, is to possibly prove Dr. Shipman suffered mental illness and not culpability

Assignment Below:

· Term Paper- In-depth Case Study

In chapter 1 of Karmen’s “Crime Victims: An Introduction to Victimology” we are introduced to what Victimologists do. There are four basic steps (p. 24-27) that he discusses that criminologists go through when looking at a situation:

1. Identify, Define, and Describe the Problem

2. Measure the True Dimensions of the Problem

3. Investigate How Victims Are Handled

4. Gather Evidence to Test Hypotheses

Using these steps, and the information that you have read in the texts, you are to research and write a thorough case study on one of the criminals/cases learned about in class. Use the theories and ideas in victimology to identify and explain their actions, as well as the criminal justice process and prosecution, the victims and their families, etc.

Your paper must be formatted in the following manner:

· The paper must be 750 words in length (roughly 3 pages). Only the body of the paper counts towards the length. No information that belongs on a title page or reference page will count towards the length requirement.

· Please follow APA guidelines; provide a title and reference page, use Times New Roman 12-point font, and double-space your lines. You need to have 5 references, two of which can be your texts from this class. Their references can be found in the course syllabus.