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Use the attachment and chapter 10 to answer the following questions:
(based on california, united states; if you need to look up cps number do google search)
 Please include a cover page in your submission. Most responses are between 2-5 sentences long and depends on the question. Make sure to write in complete sentences. 
1.What should teachers do if they suspect that a child is being abused or neglected?
2. Which type of abuse is the most difficult to detect? Explain why. 
3. State four (4) ways that teachers can support abused and neglected children in the classroom.
4. Explain the process of reporting suspected child abuse and neglect beginning from the point when you realize a child in your care is being abused to when child protective services take over. To answer this question, you may ask yourself the following:

What documents must I have prepared to share with child protective services (CPS)? 
What is CPS’s phone number, whether local authorities or a hotline, should l call?
What information should I be prepared to give about myself as an anonymous mandated reporter?
What should I expect CPS ask me to do after my report?
What will I do the day after I report the incident?