Ecological Model Short essay

Do the following in essay format, use the following questions and use 2 peer reviewed journals on the ecological theory how it affects development of children.

1. Identify bronfenbrenner’s ecological model theory and its main points (don’t state the systems). Explain at least (2) empirical research articles from a peer reviewed journal (published with the last ten years) on your topic. Talk about a key finding from the article and state the findings (how does it affect the environment of the child).
Approx. 2 Paragraphs
2. In this section provide your insights/reflection about the information collected. What are your thoughts about what you observed in the articles. This is an opportunity to interpret the results even further. 
Approx. 1 Paragraph
3.  Summary/Conclusion: Support your conclusions with points from the article and examples from your observations. 
Approx. 1 Paragraph