Facility Audit Words count: 2,500 Words

It is recommended to choose a facility that you can visit and even interview members of staff in order to obtain the necessary information. The first phaseis to review the facility in its current operational form, and the second phaseis to develop a critique/future framework for the facility. This assignment blends theory and practice together. In the first phase, the narrative will be mostly descriptive, but submissions of distinction will utilize research to enhance the discussion in this section. Submissions are suggested to consider the following structure: Introduction Current Facility Audit (~750-1,000 words) Future Proofing (~1,000-1500 words) Conclusion References The various aspects (as listed below) may be considered in the discussion:

Nature of Facility(eg. What does it offer? Who uses the facility? When does it operate? Who controls utilization? Is it single-purpose or multi-use?) Design and Construction(eg. Physical layout; Is there scope for expansion? Alternative use?) Strategy and Organizational Structure (eg. Stakeholders; Competitive analysis; Consumer profile; Staffing/human resources; Demographics; Future trends) Programming(eg. What is the current utilization? How might that change? What steps can be taken to prepare for this potential change? What are the tenant needs? How is the facility staffed?) Risk(eg. How have events of the past 12 months impacted the facility? Have its operations changed? How well-prepared is the facility for future change?) Recommendations(eg. What recommendations can you make for the facility now and in the future? How can the owner/manager future proof the facility?) It is critical that you relate and support your argument with scholarly research which originates from disciplines such as sport and event management. Do not rely on instinct or your personal thoughts; use research to support your explanations and justify the future of the facility. Students should also take time and care to proofread their work and ensure proper English grammar and spelling is followed. All research theories and supporting claims should be referenced using the Harvard or American Psychological Association (APA) 7th edition referencing guide. If you are unclear about references, please make it a point to seek out assistance from the unit chair and librarian staff! Plagarism is a serious offence! Do not use the work of others without proper citations!

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