Formal analysis on film | Reading homework help

Focus on one or two scenes or sequences within the film, particularly their formal elements. The objective of this assignment is to improve your skills of formal critique while contextualizing such critique within questions of modern China. You might consider such questions as: How does a scene achieve its affective force? What are the politics depicted? What is the relationship between art and the real? Please do not waste time writing an introduction or a conclusion; simply identify which film and which scene you are writing about. Due March 4th.
My topic is the women in Shanghai’s stock market. The movie I choose is Shanghai Fever (dir. Kwok-Lap Lee, 1994; 91 min.) (Please make sure u watch this movie)
I mentioned I born and lived in Shanghai. My parents are both experts in Shanghai market. I’m going to write related to Unit One WOMEN ON SCREEN. If u want the reading related to Unit One, plz contact me.