History of interpretation paper; religion verse romans 9: 20-21

NOTE: This paper will be submitted through TURNITIN for grading
History of Interpretation Paper
-The chosen verse for this paper is Romans 9: 20-21.
-The final version of this paper should be 1500-2100 words (approximately 5-7 pages)
-This paper must be APA format!
-Use the following textbooks as reference:
Augustine. Answer to The Pelagians IV. Trans. R. Teske. Hyde Park: New City Press, 1999. Print. ISBN-13: 978-1-565-48136-7
Prosper. The Call of All Nations. Trans. P. De Letter. Westminster: Newman Press, 1952. Print. ISBN-13:978-0-8091-0253-2
Von Balthasar, Hans Urs. Dare We Hope “That All Men Be Saved”? with A Short Discourse on Hell. San
Francisco: Ignatius Press, 1988. Print. ISBN-13: 0-89870-207-0
Augustine. Answer to The Pelagians >CUSTOM PKG.