Homework – Agriculture

Read chapter 8 and watch the documentary {The Chikukwa Project}, then answer the questions.
1) Explain what the overall premise of the film is, what is the problem the community faced, how did they solve it?
2) After watching the film, explain in broad terms, what regenerative agriculture and permaculture is. How does the system mirror an ecological system?
3) Look for a definition of Regenerative Agriculture, and put that here. Please give a citation as well.
4) How do the concepts of permaculture take on a social dimension, and interact with the community? 
5) Those who follow the approaches for food production discussed in the film may not support GMOs. How does the book’s author think about the debate around GMOs? This is linked to question 6, so you might want to read that one too before answering.
6) How do these permaculture concepts contrast with a more conventional agriculture approach? Following discussions in the text book, how does this fit in with resource efficiency in agriculture production? Be sure to include some of the discussion points from chapter 8. 
7) Do you think there is a possibility of this approach, or elements of this approach, contributing legitimately to the food needs of the globe? How about here in California?
8) Give your final conclusions, and additional questions you still have regarding the film and the discussion in chapter 8.