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2 Short Questions (10 pts each):

Based on the materials assigned and discussed in the context of our class, please answer the following questions:

1) What is the relevance of the distinction that C. W. Mills established between “troubles” and “issues”? (Explain in 2 to 3 pages max.)

2)  In what way have Louis Althusser’s ideas expanded Marxist theory? (Explain in 2 to 3 pages max.)

1 Long Question (20 pts):

Please explain what the Panopticon is, and how Michel Foucault used it to produce an analysis of social dynamics. In concluding, discuss whether you think Foucault’s insights concerning the phenomenon he called “Panopticism” are still relevant today and why (or why not). (Desired length: 3 to 5 pages max.)
Note: to understand Foucault’s ideas concerning the use and effects of “panopticism”, please make sure to watch this (3minutes) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVFtc9_AB2k

FORMAT: Please submit between 7 to 11 pages maximum, double-spaced, regular margins, 12- pt. Times New Roman font pages –excluding citations and bibliography (I don’t have a preference regarding citation styles, use the one you know well).
Concerning bibliography: You can choose to include an individual list of sources per every response or just a general list of sources at the very end of your submission. Either way is fine with me, just pick what works best for you and be consistent.