Hw-1711 investment – chapter 5 qs 1,2,5,8

Question-1 You are considering three stocks with the following expected dividend yields and capital gains:
  Stock Dividends Yield Capital Gain
A 14% 0%
B  8   6
C 0   14%
a) What is the expected return on each stock?
b) How many transactions costs and capital gains taxes affect your choices among the three securities?
Question-2: A portfolio consists of assets with the following expected returns: 
Expected Return Weight in Portfolio
Real estate 16%  20% 
Low- quality bonds 15 10 
AT& T stock 12 30
Savings account 5 40
a) What is the expected return on the portfolio? 
b) What will be the expected return if the individual reduces the holdings of the AT& T stock to 15 percent and puts the funds into real estate investments?
Question-5 : What is the beta of a portfolio consisting of one share of each of the following stocks, given their ­respective prices and beta coefficients? 
Stock  Price  Beta 
A   $10  1.4 
B  24 0.8
C  41  1.3
D  19  1.8 
How would the portfolio beta differ if 
( a) the investor purchased 200 shares of stocks B and C for ­every 100 shares of A and D and ( b) equal dollar amounts were invested in each stock?
Question-8: Using the material on the standard deviation and the coefficient of variation presented in the appendix to this chapter, rank the following investments with regard to risk.
a) Investment Returns  b) Investment Returns 
Stock A Stock B   Stock A Stock B 2.50% 7.50%  1.70% 7.40% 2.75 8.25 1.85 7.70  3.00 9.00 2.00 8.00 3.25 9.75  2.15 8.30 3.50 10.50 2.30 8.60