1. 3-4 pages (12 point font, 1-inch margins, double spaced)
2. Executive Summary: in three sentences: what was the negotiation situation, with whom did you negotiate, when did this take place, and what was the outcome.

Situation (1 paragraph): “set the stage” and describe the context, such as what you were planning to negotiate, why you choose this situation, who was involved, etc.
Preparation (~2 paragraphs): Identify the issues, positions and interests; describe research you did and the strategy you developed.
Negotiation process (1 page): describe where, when, and how (was it face-to-face or virtual), you negotiated. Explain how it started off and provide details on the actual back and forth negotiation process and the outcome/result. NOTE: You will not be penalized for writing about a failed negotiation – we can learn as much from negotiations that fail as we can from those that succeed!
Self-reflection (1 page): reflect on your strengths, weaknesses, style, and skills as a negotiator. What did you learn about yourself, your reactions, your skills, etc. during this negotiation? How did the negotiation help you meet your course goals and what do you still need to work on?