Interest Rates and Bond Valuation

The Assignment instructions are listed below. Please have the assignment completed by Tuesday 11 May. Use 2 references for the assignment and 200+ words. If anything additional is needed. Please let me know. 

The Bond Market
Now that you are taking Corporate Finance, your relatives are asking you for financial advice on their investments. They are curious about bonds. 
Aunt Mary (age 65) is interested in the U.S. Treasury market. She thinks that Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS) may be good for her. What would you tell her? Be specific.
Your mom and dad will be retiring in five (5) years or so and feel that they shouldn’t be totally invested in the stock market. They ask you for advice on how to start transitioning to less risky investments, such as Treasurys and blue-chip corporate bonds. What would you tell them? Are there any funds out there you can suggest for them to consider? Be specific.