It 675 milestone three rubric: data integrity and scrubbing portion

The final project for this course is a two-part project: an executive presentation and a technical proposal. The final project presents a detailed scenario regarding the merger of two insurance companies. For the project, the student is positioned as the chief information officer (CIO) and is asked to lead an initiative to merge the data infrastructures of both insurance companies into a single consolidated data warehouse. For this milestone (due in Module Six), you will submit your data integrity and scrubbing portion of the plan. Review the scenario for the final assessment. Using the scenario, develop this portion of the project plan. To meet requirements you will need to address the four aspects of this subsection of the proposal, which are as follows: 1) data integrity, 2) primary key(s), 3) customer data, and 4) duplicate data.
The Remaining part is clearly explained in rubic