It just need to be answer with the key word that are above of each exercise….

It just need to be answer with the key word that are above of
each exercise. Just need to pair each question with each term.
Key:abdominopelvic cranial dorsal spinal thoracic ventral 1. surgery to remove a cancerous lung lobe 2. removal of an ovary 3. surgery to remove a ruptured disk 4. appendectomy 5. removal of the gallbladder 2. 3. 4. Key cardiovascular digestive skeletal urinary nervous lymphatic muscular respiratory 1. rids the body of nitrogen-containing wastes 2. is affected by removal of the adrenal gland 3. protects and supports body organs: provides a framework for muscular action 4. includes arteries and veins 5. controls the body by means of chemicals called hormones 6. external body covering 7. houses cells involved in the body’s immune response 8. breaks down ingested food into its absorbable units 9. load s oxygen into the blood 10. uses blood as a transport vehicle 11. generates body heat and provides for movement of the body as a whole 12. regulates water and acid-base balance of the blood and 14. is damaged when you fall and scrape your knee 13. necessary for childbearing Column A 1. joint between most skull bones 2. joint between the axis and atlas 3. hip joint 4. joint between forearm bones and wrist 5. elbow 6, interphalangeal joints 7. intercarpal joints 8. joint between the skull and vertebral column 9. joints between proximal phalanges and metacarpal bones 10. multiaxial joint Column B ball-and-socket condyloid plane hinge pivot saddle suture symphysis syndesmosis