For this journal, you will practice observing a child focusing on social and emotional development at two different ages and stages of his development.
First, view the following video:

Max Relates to a Peer at One and Two: Social Emotional Development

Next, your journal entry should contain the following two parts:
Part One – Observational Notes (6-8 NOTES)

Document your observations using any of the methods from the course.
Identify the developmental indicators of the child at each stage, connecting to PILES and your state’s ELG’s.
Identify the progress the child has made (cite specific milestones/ELG’s).

Part Two – Reflection

Reflect on what you learned from your observations and answer the following questions:
How might you share this information with the family?
What information should be shared?
What questions would you ask the family or what information would you ask the family to provide to enhance your assessment of this child?