Law 440 labor and employment law

Labor and Employment Law
Legal construction of the employment environment

After appropriate study the study should be able to describe concerns related to equal
opportunities and recruiting, the information available to an employer when considering an
applicant, the theory of negligent hiring, how the tort of defamation could apply to the
employment relationship, testing for eligibility as well as ineligibility, and concerns
surrounding employee appraisals.

See the class syllabus for specifics about assignment requirements.

Read and watch
Chapter 4: Legal Construction of the Employment Environment- The book “Tenth edition, Employment Law For Business” by Dawn Bennet-Alexander & Laura P. Hartman

EEOC Prohibited Practices available at
policies practices, look specifically at job advertisement, recruitment, application and hiring,
background checks, and “pre-employment inquiries and…”(scroll a bit to reach this one) and
then click through the various topics.

“7 Types of Pre-employment Tests Given by Employers” available at

“How to Evaluate an Employee: A Performance Review Checklist” available at

Report on each of the website(s), article(s) and/or video(s) above.

Report on what you found at the EEOC site.