Explain what is mean by media planning and how advertisers decide which medium to choose to best communicate their advertising objective. Discuss the importance of media planning in advertising. 
Explain the role of social media in marketing and discuss the implications of social media for marketers. 

Media planning is a series of decisions advertisers make in order to optimally and cost effectively communicate to the target audience. Media planning utilizes marketing analytics to determine which types of media is best for communicating their products.The use of market analytics helps advertisers figure out what is the best way to advertise, for example the target audience for new basketball shoes is basketball players, who typically are between early teens to young adults. Marketers can use this information along with other known info of young people’s use of social media apps to advertise on those apps. It would not be efficient for marketers to advertise this product on TV because younger people do not watch TV as often and prefer streaming sevices like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc.
Social media is a great platform to advertise and to get people to talk about your product. Marketers can utilize paid sponsorships to get people to promote their product. These websites have “influencers”, “content creators”, “brand ambassadors” etc. who can promote certain products in exchange for a portion of the profits. For example a popular Youtuber can recieve a sponsorship to talk about Raycon earbuds in their video. They will recieve a portion of profits from the company if they talk about the product and reccommend others to use it or tell them to go to the website and use a promo code to get 20% off on their first order. The strategy here is using well known people to talk about a product to a target audience to promote the company and increase reach. Social media apps can also be a good source of criticism for products so companies can better know how people feel about their products and see what needs to be inproved. Large corporations now have social media accounts with a dedicated team of tech savvy administrators who will handle the company’s online image and reach out to anyone who directly tag’s the company account when addressing a complaint or praise about a product.