Module 03: Week 3: Writing an Introductory SummaryAttached Files:File SalvationLangston Hughes.pdf (34.428 KB)Module 03

Module 03: Week 3: Writing an Introductory Summary Attached Files: File SalvationLangston Hughes.pdf (34.428 KB) Module 03 assignments:

Respond to each module 03 discussion board question with a 2-3 sentence response Comment on at least one other persons discussion board response Write a complete 4-5 paragraph essay on Salvation by Langston Hughes. This module gives information about writing an introduction for any essay but for this week the written assignment is to write a complete essay about Salvation. This means the assignment is: an introductory paragraph summarizing Salvation and then 2 or 3 paragraphs based on the the prompts listed below. Then there should be a concluding paragraph. For help with how to organize an essay, click on Writing Essays on the left side of your module. Follow this form for all essays to be written this semester. Learning Objectives:

Learn how to write Introductions Learn to do close readings of text to be summarized and analyzed Here are some possible prompts for developing the body paragraphs for Salvation.

We are often forced to engage in behavior that we do not want to engage in because of pressure by others or to avoid embarrassment. Just as Hughes was confused about seeing Jesus, children are often confused about how adults explain things to them. How should children be introduced to religions concepts? Writing an Introductory Paragraph:

The introductory paragraphs that we will be writing are to be summaries of the assigned essays. Our summaries are to be brief paragraphs (not more than 3/4 double spaced typewritten page) of the assigned essay. Below is an example for how to write an introductory paragraph for this essay. Write your own introduction dont simply copy the one here. For the assignment this week, you must write the entire essay.

The following is an example of what a summary might look like for our first essay. Shame by Dick Gregory.

Shame by Dick Gregory is an autobiographical account of a time when he was made to feel ashamed by his teacher when he was in elementary school. The young, seven year old Gregory was a poor child who washed his socks and shirts with melted ice that he had gotten from a soda machine in a grocery store. One inspiring element in Gregorys life was the crush he had on a girl in his class, Helene. He loved her for her goodness. cleanliness, and popularity. At the time, Gregory thought he would get over Helene, but an incident happened that made her face hang in front of me for the next twenty-two years. In class one day the teacher was collecting money from the children that their fathers had donated for the community chest. In order to impress Helene, Gregory said that his daddy would donate $15. The teacher said that if Gregorys daddy had that kind of money he wouldnt be on relief, what we might call welfare now. The teacher also pointed out how Gregory didnt even have a father. This incident affected Gregory for a good part of his life. One day Gregory was eating lunch when a wino came in and ordered food. When it came time to pay, the wino said he had no money and got beat up by the owner. Gregory offered to pay for the man, but it was too late said the man. He had gotten beaten already. He asked, Why didnt you pay before?

You can use this introduction as a guide when you are writing the Salvation essay for this module and for further essays we will be writing.

By the end of this module, you will:

Understand how to write an introductory paragraph that summarizes an essay. Relate incidents in a story without injecting ones own opinions or reflections. Think about what ideas implied or explicitly stated in an essay might be the basis for development of a body paragraph.

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