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Business Case Analysis
This assignment focuses upon channel conflict as described in your readings. Select a business or industry that has experienced the phenomena of channel conflict as a result of new e-commerce initiatives. Do some web research to learn about common strategies and other suggestions for managing such conflict. (Examples often involve a conflict between existing bricks and mortar retailers and their associated e-commerce divisions). Pick an example and analyze the channel conflict from the perspective of the various analytical tools described. Using the channel conflict matrix in Exhibit 9.6 which shows the geographic departmentalization used by Coca-Cola Enterprises., where do you see the firm in question in relation to the channel conflict matrix. Do you believe that they perceived their channel conflict in the same way that you are proposing in your response? Are new ethical or social responsibilities issues at play? Critique their response to this channel conflict; do you think they developed an optimal solution? If not, what recommendations would you offer for a better solution to this channel conflict?  (750-word essay)