Needs Assessment Paper

Assignment Content

    Read the “Request for Proposal.” (Link)

Complete the “Needs Assessment Matrix” (Link) based on the information in the Request for Proposal.

Include the following Six (Level One) Paragraph Headings:

Who are the stakeholders in the project?
What are the expected needs and demands of the stakeholders?
What special design considerations should be included with the project?
What security and ethical concerns should be addressed in developing the project?
What if any, “off-the-shelf” or commercially available software is available for helping to complete the project?
What are some of the benefits and risks related to the project?

Do not copy/paste information from the City of Kelsey RFP into your work. I have read the introduction and the Scope of Work and I do not want to see it repeated in your work.
Use the Matrix as a guide to write your word document. Submit only a Word document. You may incorporate the needs assessment matrix into your Word document if you wish.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.