One page per question…Briefly summarize the facts of the case 2. List the primary issues or source of conflict in the case 3. What conflict styles are identified in the case? 4. Identify any conflict resolution theory that could explain the conflict.

Li Yan served as the Director of Program Assessment for The US Department of Interior. She often referred to the agency as her “deeply” loved employer. She had nearly a dozen years of experience working in the field of planning and assessment and was now anxious to show that she had the background and knowledge to lead the agency’s southeastern division as Deputy Regional Director. Li was very optimistic about being selected for the new role because of her great working relationship with the Regional Officer, Ralph Thomas. Ralph recently disclosed to Li that he had recently been through a divorce. He began to drop comments that he is lonely and needs to find a new girlfriend. Li and Ralph have been friendly in the past and have maintained a positive work relationship over the past five years. Occasionally, Li and Ralph would go to lunch together at local restaurants. One day on their way to lunch, Ralph asked Li, “we are friends, right?” Li responded, “yes we are friends.” Ralph proceeds to say, “you are fitting that dress.” The following week, Ralph asks Li to go on a date with him. Li likes Ralph and agrees to go out with him. She enjoys her date with Ralph but decides that a relationship is not a good idea. She thanks Ralph for a nice time but explains that she does not want to have a relationship with him. Ralph waits two weeks and then starts pressing Li for more dates. She refuses, but Ralph does not stop. He keeps asking her to go out with him. Li states to a friend that she would prefer working with her door closed because of Ralph’s persistence. Li complains to her supervisor. Her supervisor reports her complaint to the Human Resources department. Ralph is questioned about his behavior and instructed to stop the behavior. He apologizes to Li but continues to make romantic gestures with gifts and cards. Six months later, Li applies for the Deputy Regional Director position. Ralph was the Hiring Manager for the position and the leader of the personnel selection committee. After a series of interviews, Li was not selected for the position. She was very upset upon receiving the news. As a result, Li filed an EEOC complaint. She alleged that she was not selected for the position because she refused to engage in a romantic relationship with Ralph.