Peer Response 2

In your response, address the following:

Compare any feedback discussed or the revision strategy you mapped out for future success.
Point out a connection to your own post by referencing similar experiences or program of study and career choice.

Your response should be about 100 words.  


To be honest I haven’t gotten much feedback since I started this class.  It might be due to my health has affected since starting school back up again since October. However when I do receive suggestions for edits I am very emotional so I find the way people express themselves to be very important to me. I actually work on this with my therapist since I live in subsidized housing  through a mental health program since I have anxiety and epilepsy. I get monthly check ups for my goals. The goal I chose was improving my cleaning not that I am a slob however this was a terrible choice since I have two children and the director of the program will literally ask if I want her to respond kindly or “as a bitch”. HOW does one respond to that? I of course tell her I don’t care just get it out. I wanna get back to being a mom its my dream job. So for example She came once to check my apartment, usually its the Human resources lady for whatever reason the director came this particular day. I had been working my butt off and I this particular time had my apartment like new. looking like I just moved in. She came in and complained that the floor was sticky in once spot.(my 20month old probably just spilled juice) So I told her I was getting a $50 mop in a day or two. She scoffed “A mop shouldn’t cost you $50”. SO long story short she didn’t mention anything about how nice the place looked and she put me down for what I felt was the best way to keep up my floor with a mop that has washable heads. Had she said oh your place looks nice you really did a good job being a single mom however theirs a sticky spot here on the floor. I wouldn’t of been bothered. The floor had a sticky spot. She just focused on criticizing everything about my efforts to improve myself to meet the goal. 
Here is where I struggle I got off on a related tangent how this relates though for me is that I don’t want just negative feedback. I need to be reassured on where I did well. I find reassurance to work wonders for me. In future writing I hope to have a neutral feedback where it can be agreed or disagreed just get feedback of other peoples thoughts for or against however you slice it in a scenario where I can at most have a polite and educational discussion.  

The final writing project I am not entirely sure where I am at at this time. I have a lot ready to go however I am also still learning what in my head may or may not be relevant however also how to express those thoughts. I feel I am a person who is always learning even after I submit my final work. You can call me moody I will always have something different to add or fix. The final writing project I know that I will be changing my thesis since I might even change my point with my topic. My areas of strength are that I always have enough to say. I can definitely find growth in saying it better. Up until smart phones I kid you not I carried a thesaurus in my purse at all times. This helps revise words growing as I do as well as shortening the actual word count.  My strategy is to refer back to my rubric more as well as graphicing out my work more than once. Over all I will be focused on everything that is laid out. Trying not to look to far in to the rubric either. I find myself playing jump rope with to little and to much. Finding a balance is an over all focus of mine.