Personal fitness critical thinking questions use own word to answer

Please answer each of the following questions in complete sentences.

People may perform aerobic or anaerobic exercise without even knowing it or purposefully engaging in traditional exercise activities. The unit offered several examples of traditional exercise-based activities for aerobic and anaerobic fitness. What are some examples of non-traditional ways that people might engage in aerobic or anaerobic fitness in their daily lives?
Physical fitness has many benefits that we learned about in the unit. Can you think of any disadvantages or drawbacks to working on your physical fitness? List and briefly explain some negative side effects that could result from improving your personal fitness.
There are a ton of ways to stay active and physically fit in your life. This goal becomes even easier if you have a job that relates to personal fitness in some way. What are some career options for people who want to make physical fitness their full-time job? Which of these careers interests you the most and why?
Many people exercise on their own with no professional help. Others prefer to hire someone to help them on their fitness journey. Why might someone choose to hire a personal trainer and what are some of the benefits?
Imagine that you are designing an exercise plan for someone looking to lose weight quickly. They have a busy schedule and can only dedicate one hour per day, five days per week to exercise. They also have a home gym with a treadmill, bicycle, weights, and yoga mat, and they do not care for being outside. What type of exercise plan would you create for them? Write down a sample fitness plan for one week that you would give them. Briefly explain why you chose the fitness activities that you did.