Personal SWOT Analysis

Due tonight 11:00
Personal SWOT Analysis 
Length: 1,000 words 
You will write a report about 1,000 words personal reflection. You should apply the knowledge from the textbook and the lecture about a SWOT analysis (Chapter 5) to evaluate yourself and your external environment. 
Your report should include:

A famous quote that you will      “live by”. Explain how this quote demonstrate who you are and how it      inspires you. It is also important to provide practical examples that      illustrate your implementation of the quote in your life. (~1 paragraph)
State your personal VISION statement      (Where you want to be?) and MISSION statement (How you will get where you      want to be?) (~1 paragraph)
Use a four sectioned box and      list all your SWOT as a visual aid. (table)
SWOT analysis: Define your      personal strengths and weaknesses and the opportunities and threats for      your future career. (1 paragraph each, total 4 paragraphs)
Concluding section to build a      strategy to meet your personal Vision statement (1-2 paragraphs)

The report MUST be written in APA format (APA 7th edition), including university standard cover page, correct citation, and referencing. You are recommended to use graphs, figures, and data to support your analysis.