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Essay about Module 9- New Product Development
New Product Essay Assignment
This essay will apply information learned in Modules 9, 8, 5 & 3. First step, research an industry found in MyIBIS World (Module 5-research). Second step, create a new product that will enter into the industry you researched (Module 9- New Product Development). Third step, conduct a SWOT analysis of this new product that will enter into an existing market in the United States (Module 3- Marketing Level Planning). Last step, explain what the life cycle of the industry is in and why is your new product a good idea to enter into this new market (Module 8- Product Life Cycles).
Prepare a minimum of 250-word essay describing your new product, the industry this product will enter into (make sure you state the NAICS code) and implement a SWOT analysisfor your new product. You may use citations (probably the information found in MyIBIS World). Original thought means more than 250 words of citations.
Use MY IBIS World for Industry Research. This website will give you an in depth look at any Industry in the United States