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 Type: Essay (any type)
Pages: 3
Service: Writing
Sources: 3
Style: MLA
Subject: English Literature
Level: School
MLA (Submit as a Microsoft Word attachment)
Length: 3+ pages (Get onto the 4th page, but do not go over 4 pages.
Development is important, so use most of the 4th page.)
Other: Include a WORKS CITED PAGE with both the version of
FRANKENSTEIN that you are using AND the Wollstonecraft article.
And be sure to include IN TEXT citations. Both the works cited
page and the in text citations need to be formatted according to MLA
guidelines, or points will be deducted for the format.
Although the women in Shelley’s novel are marginalized characters, they all play an important role in the story.
ASSIGNMENT: In a well-developed essay, ANALYZE the importance of Elizabeth, Justine, and Safie. In so doing:
determine the purpose of each characterthe way that those three characters move the novel along, andthe message you believe Shelley is sending to her audience through each of the characters.AND
EXAMINE those same characters—Elizabeth, Justine, and Safie—through the lens of Mary Wollstonecraft in her article, “Of the Pernicious Effects Which Arise from the Unnatural Distinctions Established in Society.” In other words:
How would Wollstonecraft evaluate those female characters in Shelley’s novel?Structure: This is one essay with two tasks, and you have another layer of discussion within each of those character analyses. So this is not an easy task in terms of the way you will structure your essay. You may choose to construct your essay by presenting your own evaluation first for each of the characters and then address each in terms of Wollstonecraft, or you may choose to incorporate the Wollstonecraft evaluation along with your own evaluation of the characters.
Your thesis statement needs to address both aspects of the assignment—your own character evaluation and the evaluation presented through Wollstonecraft’s lens.Do not use “I” or “you” in the essay.Pay particular attention to the way that you transition from paragraph to paragraph—be sure that the connections are clear for your own audience.Also remember that you are the authority in the essay and that you are bringing in support for your own ideas as just that—support. Use the outside sources sparingly. The majority of the discussion needs to be your own. Also, when you work with Frankenstein and Wollstonecraft’s article, be cautious that you do not focus on summary. Use what you need to from the text to support your analysis, but focus on ANALYSIS.