Self management Discussion

Step 1: Complete “How Good is Your Time Management?” quiz by following this link: Make note of the final results you receive.
Step 2: Reflect on your results in a minimum 250-word reflection. Start by identifying your score results and letting us know if and why you agree/disagree with these results. Hypothesize the suggestions offered to improve your time management, and use your readings from assigned chapters to discuss potential strategies that could help you manage time more effectively moving forward. Please remember to support your discussion with your textbook and any additional scholarly resource you may locate in the online library, and conclude by talking about what you learned from completing this assessment.

When responding to your classmates, juxtapose their results with your own (if you completed the survey), and make suggestions or recommendations for specific strategies that you learned in this week’s lessons. Once again, please support your advice with scholarly sources, and pose meaningful questions to extend conversations.