Sells or not | Marketing homework help

Sex appeal (i.e., provocative or sexual imagery used) in advertising is a tactic that is commonly used. There are controversial opinions on how effective they are. Some firms and advertisement agencies believe that sex sells, while others don’t, and they may even have the concern that it is not the right thing to do to objectify women.In 2016, Manhattan-based Badger & Winters made a video titled “We Are #WomenNotObjects. two-and-a-half-minute clip features women holding up extreme—but sadly common—examples of sexist ads, while offering dry critiques of what they literally convey. It makes firms reconsider: does sex still sell? Please express your opinion on the following issues:
As shown in the video, there are many cases in which firms/ad agencies don’t need to but choose to use sex appeal. If you are the marketing manager who makes promotion decisions, consider one circumstance that sex sells and another one that sex does not sell. Explain why. Also use at least one example for each to support your argument.
1-2 pages