simple discussion

One article is about a history professor who argued in books and speeches that history is taught poorly to students. He explained how misinformation was common in the teaching of American history and that students never were faced with the difficult truths of the reality of a host of topics. Two articles deal with how easily even the smartest people can be fooled into believing false information. They also deal withv how hard sometimes how impossible it is to convince people of the truth even when you carefully present the truth true fracts, for example. And one article is from the Washington Post and discusses how those associated with the former president of the United States were able to communicate blatantly false things associated with that persons campaign to become President. After reading the articles, I would like you to discuss one of the most important ideas in them that relates to the field of organizational communication. For example, what is the most pressing problem faced by organizations like health organizations (Covid 19, e.g.), universities, governments (politics, the undermining of government authority, etc.) and other organizations and what ideas have you read about that pertain to addressing the issues you identify. You have a great deal of freedom in this discussion. I am interested in how you think about some of the key issues presented.

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