Social Perceptions & Managing Diversity Question Set 1 (QS-1)

Social Perceptions & Managing Diversity

Question Set 1 (QS-1):

What is one piece of knowledge about Organizational Behavior (OB) that you acquired after reading Chapter 4?

Specify this one piece of new knowledge and immediately following it provide the citation to Kinicki, 3e, (2021) along with the page number where this new piece of knowledge can be found
Why was this a piece of new knowledge for you? (Briefly explain)
Question Set 2

1. Tell us briefly about your experience as a “perceiver” or one who is “perceived” regarding fundamental attribution bias or self-serving attribution bias at work or at school (p. 134).

2. Does your awareness that you either engaged in or were the recipient of one of the types of attribution shift your self-awarenss of your tendancy to apply one or both biases?

Question Set 3

The Four Layers of Diversity, (Fig. 4.5, p. 136) reveals that diversity is complex. Given your uniqueness regarding each of the four layers of diversity, what is your experience with your “Surface-level characteristics-race, gender, and age (p. 136) or anyone of the dimensions for one of the four layers that appeared to influence the attitudes, expectations or assumptions about you by someone at work. Detailed and specific information about your experience and a clear and specific reference to the the dimension being referenced on page 136 is required.