Speech and speech outline. topic: electronic device’s blue light

3-4 minute informative speech using a full-sentence outline that will be three pages in APA format, plus a reference page and title page (A TOTAL OF 5 PAGES). Use three references for the speech and outline. Make the outline and speech have a professional academic appearance. Make sure it is appropriate for academic purposes. Make sure the paper, citation, and speech are done correctly. Speech must be 3-4 minutes. The outline must be 3 pages. The outline cannot be word for word as the speech. The outline must be double spaced, in Times New Roman, with 0 additional spacing after paragraphs. Include a title page with only the title, Electronic Device’s Blue Light Disrupts Sleep. Attached are the sources and the outline format. ONLY USE THE ATTACHED SOURCES. FOLLOW THE OUTLINE FORMAT. Everything must be original. NO PLAGIARISM. USE A STRONG ATTENTION GETTER FOR BOTH SPEECH AND OUTLINE.