Technology management proposal

In need of a technology research proposal paper

Components and Format for a Mini Proposal
Each proposal should consist of a page; a project narrative, not to exceed five-pages (12
pt. font and 1-inch margins); and one-page bios from the principal investigator (PI).
1. page

The page should include the of the project and the names, affiliations, and email addresses of the PI.

2. Project narrative

The project narrative should not exceed five-pages (with 1-inch margins) of text (12

pt. font) and figures.

The project narrative should include the following sections/headings, each containing a clear and concise description of the project:
Problem statement,
Summary of prior research,
Project goals,
Research approach, and
Potential impact of the proposed work.

3. One-page bios

A one-page bio is required for the PI.
Each bio should highlight work demonstrating the researcher’s relevance to the proposed project if possible.

Due April 30th @ 12pm