The criteria of canonicity | English homework help

NOTE: 300 WORDS. Kindly read the instruction well and use the textbooks below.
Create a thread of at least 300 words.Support your assertions with at least 4 citations from at least 3 different sources in current Turabian format. Acceptable sources include textbooks, scholarly articles, and ONLINE SOURCES APPROVED BY YOUR INSTRUCTOR.
Consider these questions with the information in your textbooks in mind, but feel free to use other sources as needed to add to the conversation.
THREAD: Give a definition of “canon.” Where does the word come from and what does it mean with relationship to the study of the Bible?– Discuss the development of the New Testament and the criteria of canonicity used by the early church.-Why did early Christians feel a need to establish an authoritative list of Scripture?-What element in the criteria of canonicity is most important in your opinion?-Which element is least important in your opinion? Be sure to give reasons why you chose these particular elements.-How would you respond to a person who claimed that the canon of the Bible should still be open?
TEXTBOOKS1) INTRODUCTION TO BIBLICAL INTERPRETATIONTHIRD EDITION© 2017 by William W. Klein, Craig L. Blomberg,andRobert L. Hubbard, Jr
2) MISREADING SCRIPTURE WITH WESTERN EYESRemoving Cultural Blinders to Better Understanding the Bible©2012 by Randolph E. RichardsandBrandon J. O’Brien.
3) GRASPING GOD’S WORDA Hand-On Approach to Reading, Interpreting and Applying BibleTHIRD EDITION© 2012 by J. Scott DuvallandJ. Daniel Hays