The Science of PsychologyChapter 1 Part I: The Discipline of PsychologyIn this chapter,

The Science of Psychology Chapter 1 Part I: The Discipline of Psychology In this chapter, we are introduced to psychology in terms of its history and its specialties. We will use this first assignment conference to explore some of thespecialties in psychology. Your task in this first conference is twofold. First, you are to visit the Websites below and explore some of the specialties in psychology. You are not choosing topics but sub-disciplines and areas of study.

In your answer, tell us which one interests you most and why. Next, you are to find a website related to the area that interests you most. Give us the URL and tell us a little about that Website.You may not repeat a related Website about one of the specialties that has already been posted.You may choose the same area as someone else. Chapter 1 Part II: Psychological Research

Read the following summary of a research study:

Dr. Campbell wants to determine if his newly developed study method is effective and will result in higher grades. He divides his 300-student section of Introduction to History into two groups. The first group uses Dr. Campbells method to study for the final exam. The other section uses traditional methods of studying. At the end of the term, Dr. Campbell compares the final exam grades. He found that his own new study method worked better and those students earned higher grades. A. Identify the following: Independent variable Dependent variable Control group Experimental group B. Provide the operational definition of the independent variable. C. Is this a correlational design or an experimental design? Why?

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