These questions refer to “All I really need to Know i learned in Kindergarten” by Robert…

These questions refer to “All I really need to Know i learned in
Kindergarten” by Robert Fulghum.
1. On the surface, he says “clean up your own mess,” meaning
clean up your crayons and toys. On a deeper level, what do you
suppose he means?
A. big manufactures should be environmentally conscious.
B. You shouldn’t litter at any time
C. You should be responsible for your own actions
D. all of the above
2. Which of the following similes or meters does Fulghum use in
his essay?
A. a man full of academis facts is like a sputtering car full of
high octane gas
B. Fulghum’s previous credos wew like Supreme Courts briefs
C. Kindergarten logic is equal to graduate school wisdom
D. all of the above
3. What does Fulghum mean by “high-content information’?
A. Supreme Court beliefs
B. philosophical statements
C. academis language and studies
D. auto mechanic’s handbook
These questions refer to Chapter Four from the Autobiography of
Helen Keller
4. Why did Keller feel sorrow for breaking the doll only after
she had gained a sense of language?
A. with her new understanding of language, she was sorry because
she had not had the chance to name
B. with her new understanding of language, she realized that
children from the blind school had given it to her
C. with her new understanding of language, she was then able to
understand properly
D. none of the above
5. Which two lives did the eventful day of March 3, 1887,
connect and contrast?
A. Helen Keller’s life before language and after language
B. Helen Keller and the children of the blind school
C. Helen Keller and Anne Mansfiled Sullivan
D. Helen Keller and her parents
6. Which of the following metephors does Keller use in the
A. Helen Keller was a ship in the fog
B. Helen Keller was a water pump
C. Helen Keller was a broken doll
D. Helen Keller was a seven-year- old girl
These questions refer to the “Usage Lesson: Commas” section of
this lesson.
7. Tiger Woods, the richest golfer in history, won approximately
$800,000 by whinningthe British
8. In addition, Tiger Woods said “i hope to turn my weakness
into strengths”
9. Dennis did you see the historic golf tournment on July 23,
10. When I graduated from high school, I plan to play golf in
Pasadena CA.
For these questions, determine whether the following images are
specific and concrete, or vague and telling
11. Hewlett Packard 4535 computer with a pentium celeron
-specific and concrete
-vague and telling
12. The exciting trip across the country was a total and
complete blast.
-specific and concrete
-vague and telling
These questions refer to the Persian Letters by Baron de
13. in the reading The Persian Letters, what do the Troglodytes
A. the ruling class
B. society
C. government
D. criminals
14. What do the king and magisrtates represent?
A. tyranny
b. democracy
c. Congress
D. Parliament
15. Why is the mand who is asked to be king saddened by the
A. he anticipates they will overthrow his government
B. he wishes they would have asked him when he was young
C. he recogizes that he is not worthy to be king
16. The Persian Letters is an example of
A. metaphor
B. simile
C. allegory
D. none of the above
17. In the man’s views, which is the most difficult government
to live under?
A. parliament
B. dictatorship
C. autocratic king
D. personal morality
For these qusetions, determine whether the following statements
are staements that show, or statements that tell. in other words,
are they statements that use specific, concrete details, or are
they vague statements that don’t really give you much of a
18. I felt extremely sad when I found out that things didn’t
turn out the way I wanted them to. It seems like things never go my
19. When I met Michael Jordan he smiled and gave me his
autograph on my blue baseball cap
20. It was and incredibly awesome time
These questions refer to the “Ideas and Content” section of this
A. Elk eating habits on the Wasatch Mountain Range
B. the second grade spelling test that almost killed me
C. the world of computers
D. the night of the monster moose while backpacking the wind
River Range
22. If the following were titles, which one seems to be the most
interesting topic? What surprises the reader more?
A. How Tomato-Therapy Saved Bobby
B. How to Sow and Harvest Tomatoes
C. How to Grow Tomatoes
D. How to Garden
These questions refer to “Uphill” by Christine Rossetti
23. In the poem, what does “night ” represent(line5)
A. birth
B. life
C. death
D. old age
24. In the poem, what does the “day” represent(line 3)
A middle age
B. birth
C. death
D. life
25. What does the “inn” represent (line 8)
A grave
B. birth
C. life
D. old age
26. What does “those who have gone before”(line 10) refer to
A. those who have already died
B. those who have climbed the mountain
C. those who left the road
D. none of the above