think about a company you have interacted with in the past. It can be one you…

think about a company you have interacted with in the past. It
can be one you have worked for, or simply purchased products from.
Choose three metrics for that organization that should be used to
indicate successful performance for the company. Business analysts
are regularly challenged with developing these types of metrics.
After identifying three metrics, explain how you would use
technology to report these numbers on an ongoing basis.
Here is an example to consider. Let’s say you are the owner of a
donut shop. You are looking to improve the experience of the
customer, and the profitability of the company. So, decide to focus
on the following three metrics. First, you will track the time that
a person has to sit in the drive-thru waiting for their order. This
addresses the speed at which the company operates, which is why
people use the drive-thru. Second, you will track the number of
coffee orders that include a donut. Tracking the number of up-sells
will help in improving the company’s profitability. And finally,
you will look at the number of incorrect orders per day. Reducing
orders with errors will also improve the company’s service and
All of these statistics will be on an electronic “scoreboard”
located in the drive-thru area. The numbers will blink green when
they are representative of good statistics for those categories,
and red when the statistics are unfavorable.
Metrics can be measured at three levels of focus within an
organization: strategic, tactical, and operational. In this
scenario, the metrics being measured would be at the operational
level because they are measuring activity in the daily operations
of the company. As a point of reference, looking at the overall
sales or overall profitability of the company would be more
strategic metrics.